cold water - gas POWERED

Hotsy gasoline powered pressures washers are available in many styles, but all use gasoline as the energy source to run the high-pressure pump. These gas powered models come equipped with either a direct-drive or belt-drive pump, and are ETL safety certified to UL-1776 safety standards.

The BD Series is the most ruggest cold water pressure washer on the market with its all-steel frame and cage, Hotsy belt-drive, triplex pump and cleaning power of up to 5000 PSI. These 4 gas models make up our most durable cold water line-up ever.

*3.4 - 4.5 GPM     *3000 - 5000 PSI

*389- 688 CC Honda, Briggs Vanguard or Kohler

*Belt-Drive Hotsy® Triplex Pump

*Many options to make industrial cleaning faster and easier!

The BX Series is the similarly rugged, but more compact, line of belt-drive cold water pressure washers. Powered by Honda GX engines, the BX series delivers cleaning of up to 3500 PSI and an all-steel frame protected by a powder coat finish. Hotsy pumps carry a 7-year warranty.

*2.8 - 3.7 GPM     *2000 - 3500 PSI     *163 - 389 CC Honda

*Belt-Drive Hotsy® Triplex Pump     *Aluminum frame available

*Many options to make industrial cleaning faster and easier!

Our DB Series is the most compact, affordable alternative in the cold water line featuring a direct-drive pump. Five of six models are powered by a Honda engine and the light-weight design and tubed pneumatic tires make for easy maneuvering.

*2.3 - 3.8 GPM     *2400 - 4000 PSI

*163 - 390 CC Honda     *Direct-Drive Hotsy® Triplex Pump

*Many options to make industrial cleaning faster and easier!

The HD Series are modular cold water pressure washers with corrosion resistant aluminum frame. Wheels can be removed allowing for easy trailer mounting. Models are available in belt or direct drive and powered by Honda GX engines. The HD series features a durable VTR3 unloader with bypass loop, commercial duty pump and a 50’ hose.

*3.0 - 4.0 GPM     *2700 - 4100 PSI

*196 - 389 CC Honda     *Modular design converts to skid

*ETL Certified     *Flat free tires

The HC Series is our hand-held model cold water pressure washer. Direct drive and powered by a Honda GX engine delivering cleaning capability of 2400 PSI. ETL safety certified.

*2.3 GPM     *2400 PSI

*163 CC Honda Engine     *Direct-drive Triplex Pump

Cold water Gas powered power washers are just another option that is offered at All Seasons Rental Hotsy in Grand Junction, CO.

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