Diesel heated hot water pressure washers heat the water very quickly. The engine that powers the high-pressure pump also runs on diesel. Hotsy has the following hot water pressure washer series that are heated and powered by diesel fuel. See below for the specs on a particular washer:

Diesel Heated & Diesel Powered

HSS Super Skid Series

The Super Skid HSS Series is by far, the largest, most powerful of Hotsy’s hot water pressure washers. The Super-Duty HSDS models feature a Hawk pump with lower RPM for long-lasting durability; there’s literally nothing else on the market as robust, big & powerful. HSS models come standard with the reliable Hotsy triplex belt-driven high-pressure pump. Triple banded belt for more efficient power transmission. Models are powered by a 16 & 24 HP Kubota engines with electric start and all feature a 3/4-inch foil-backed insulated Schedule 80 heating coil with stainless steel skin and 5-year warranty. Two fuel tanks for longer operation, a high-efficiency Wayne burner and optional dual-gun kit allows two users at one time.

*Diesel Powered / Diesel-Fired     *5 - 9.5 GPM    *2500 to 3500 PSI *599 - 1123 CC Kubota     *Belt-Drive Hotsy® Triplex Pump

*Super-Duty Models Available

All Seasons Rental Hotsy in Grand Junction and Cortez offers the largest and most powerful hot water pressure washer offered by Hotsy. The Super Skid HSS series.

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