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Diesel heated hot water pressure washers heat the water very quickly. The engine that powers the high-pressure pump also runs on diesel. Hotsy has the following hot water pressure washer series that are heated and powered by diesel fuel. See below for the specs on a particular washer:

Diesel Heated & Diesel Powered

HSS Super Skid Series

fuel oil heated, diesel powered, stationary

The Super Skid HSS Series is by far, the largest, most powerful of Hotsy’s hot water pressure washers. The Super-Duty HSDS models feature a Hawk pump with lower RPM for long-lasting durability; there’s literally nothing else on the market as robust, big & powerful. HSS models come standard with the reliable Hotsy triplex belt-driven high-pressure pump. Triple banded belt for more efficient power transmission. Models are powered by a 16 & 24 HP Kubota engines with electric start and all feature a 3/4-inch foil-backed insulated Schedule 80 heating coil with stainless steel skin and 5-year warranty. Two fuel tanks for longer operation, a high-efficiency Wayne burner and optional dual-gun kit allows two users at one time.

*Diesel Powered / Diesel-Fired     *5 - 9.5 GPM    *2500 to 3500 PSI *599 - 1123 CC Kubota     *Belt-Drive Hotsy® Triplex Pump

*Super-Duty Models Available

All Seasons Rental Hotsy in Grand Junction and Cortez offers the largest and most powerful hot water pressure washer offered by Hotsy. The Super Skid HSS series.