Rental Rates and Requirements

All equipment, except certain metered equipment, is charged from the

time it leaves All Seasons Rental-Hosty until it is returned.

All rates are based on an hourly 24 hour rate. Additional charges will

apply if equipment is returned beyond rental period. 

Please note that there is a minimum charge on all equipment


A valid drivers license is required and renter must be at least 18 years of age

to rent equipment. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Equipment Malfunction

Please call us immediately if equipment malfunctions. No allowance

will be made if no attempt was made to contact us.


Returns with damage or poor condition

A cleaning charge will apply to equipment returned in poor

condition. A Damage Waiver of 12% is charged on all equipment. Customer

then takes full responsibility of any and all damage done to equipment.


Metered Equipment

Metered equipment rented on a 24 hours basis is allowed only 8 hours on

the meter, anything over 8 hours will be charged a per hour rate.


Transport outside 50 miles

All Seasons Rental will not be responsible for repairs on

equipment transported out of the Grand Valley.

Towing & Trailer Requirements

No bumper hitches when towing over 1,000 LBS.

When towing small trailers DO NOT EXCEED 45 MPH.

When towing larger trailers DO NOT EXCEED 55 MPH.

Check that you have the appropriate ball size for the trailer you are taking.

Before leaving the yard carefully go over the checklist with our yard staff.

Have the yard personnel verify that the trailer brakes work with your vehicle.

Damage Waiver

Damage waiver is an industry wide fee to cover normal wear and tear of the rental unit.

It is not insurance. It does not cover negligence or abuse. 

If any piece of equipment is out more then 4 days, it is customer's responsibility to lubricate,

check air filter, oil levels and all other maintenance requirements to the rented equipment.

Damage waiver will not cover damage resulting from lack of general maintenance.

If customer chooses to reject damage waiver, All Seasons Rental - Hotsy must receive a

certificate of liability naming All Seasons Rental - Hotsy payee with a general liability policy

having a minimum of $500,000 per occurrence. For more thorough understanding of what

damage waiver covers, please read the legal contract that is required to be signed prior to

using the rental equipment.